1 giu 2014


I drive through this fog, so thick and grey,
cutting it like I used tu cut myself;
I stop and my head I lay,
my tired head with a tired brain
and tired arms and tired heart.

Flashes of memories sparkling in the night,
driving towards you, they are my guide
like stars; I can't help loving
- this is my defence, this is my defeat
and as he breaks my soul, I fall to your feet.

My secret carved into my eyes
that close not to see the world we're into
made of lies - is this life?
As long as you don't know, he doesn't;
as long as I don't speak, you don't.

A perfect equilibrium made of nothing
and no one speaks - but everything hurts.

My nature screams,
prisoner in a cage made of gold
don't find this treasure
-I know you know-
and shatter these pearls in the fog so cold.

A slave for our fears
I have become.

December 2013

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