28 giu 2014

Inside your love.


Sunshine sparkles in your eye
looking for any small detail;
you catch, think out and emit,
mess up my rules a little bit.

You refuse with all your nerve -
I wear my frown and you observe,
then embrace my leg and lay
your ruffled hair; what can I say...
You're my little Mirror of Truth,
my wisdom and my lost youth,
only give what you are given,
place yourself where you're driven.

So I get on my scrawny knees,
"Don't be sad my baby, please"
Put my hands on your pouting face,
find the solace in your embrace.

Sunshine sparkles in your heart
when you wake me up if I'm apart,
holding my hands like you were me,
Goddess incarnate, you're just three.

Children are the light of the world,
and they can't explain - but they unfold;
precious stones embedded inside
pushing strong grievance aside.

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