22 mag 2014


My lifeless eyes have to much to say,
there's a black hole
in the bed I lay;
the hope consumes - the hope is a guide
I stand on my feet,
never apologize.

And solitude is a beast that eats
the echoes loud
of tired breaths;
you can stay there - you can just go
but inside of me
now I feel alone.

'Cause my cold hands need to hold
'cause I feel my needs
have been sold
to buy freedom - a piece of joy
it takes so little
so little to destroy.

Unstable like wind, I should rest
the expectations
in my humble chest.
Solitude is such a beast well known,
I need your troubles
to face it alone.

1 commento:

  1. E' proprio vero che dalla melma nasce il fior di loto!