7 mag 2014


All this time acting without a scene,
mourning for the death of my life
made me suffer and made me tremble
in silence, out of sight,

and all this time I loved unseen
every word you said and every knife
cutting my heart in crumbles
in silence; every night

was a precious diamond that I kept jealous
in my half closed hands, on my chest,
you were so dear to me and you didn't know.

Though other eyes have been sospicious
I've been denying without a rest,
now the dice has rolled, I let things grow

So the vase has been opened,
my chaos exploded and its light
has no direction - my beat is my guide,
and you touch my skin and I'm absorbed
I can't return not to make any mistake
I can't give more for your sake

'cause my need to love, by now, would kill
all your need to be worth of happiness,
I promised myself I'll protect your kindness
from the injuries beyond my will.

Just hold my hands now
warm them again because they're frozen,
for too long they haven't given
for too long I haven't shown;

Time will reveal what's hidden;
I'm learning to love myself
through my simple, tender love for you,
and through your caring affection -
this is the best that you can do.

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