17 set 2014

Strong and Empty,

If you could see what you did of your skin
turned into steel just to shield yourself...
Your forced laughter sounds wild and grim,
every bowel twines,
every time.

Everytime you bury - it's me buried,
everytime you rise  it's me crushed
with all the past that's been denied,
and my hunger rests,
the mind rejects.

We hate as well as we have loved;
now you're a stranger to me,
but the wound is open

a whizzing raven's just killed a dove,
there's no more glee,
little buds forever broken.

So it's always others' fault
when you limit your own view.
Do you need to be so valued
by the ignorance of your crew?
You could notice my quandary,
protruding veins and tired look,
yet not less serious than your deficiencies
and the tenderness my absence took.

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