20 set 2014


There's more than a tiny crumb
of my past inside your eyes,
very careful not to see too much
yet they get aware every time.

You tried your best not to feel any hatred
you'd feel so wicked to admit your disdain;
my chronical guilt is clear heritage
but you see, that's what leads me astray.

 One illusion is enough,
two worlds broken are too much.
so this dinner is speechless,
I sigh and I cough
while you ask about my lunch.
You know my heart ain't stainless.

There was a time when I nearly believed 
and there was a day when I saw you relieved,
but my dignity of a woman has been destroyed.
Am I still a woman  if my pulse's concealed?

Yet I love you so,
tho' you never taught me 
that I should love myself
despite of it all.

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