7 nov 2015

Satan's song.

Give me a piece of your soul,
I need to play like a child
with your purest intention;
just a little of your time
and your thoughts - I want 'em all
diverted to my fake devotion.
You are so young,
so vulnerable
and still sometimes
I'm afraid to break you,
but I soon replace
guilt with pleasure.
My pulse denies
what's plain for you.
And girl, I'm a betrayer;
I won't last that long,
but I will offer my smell
worn on like a shiny dress.
I will act like a saviour
when you don't need me at all,
open up your white shell
when your heart is a mess.
'cause you are so young,
so vulnerable
yet still sometimes
I know I could fall.
Take care of me
while I leave you alone.
No mercy - you're mine,
no problems to solve.
You fill my emptiness, baby
so the circle is closed.

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