10 gen 2015


Every smile is a cage for your conceit
Breaths tell the truth but missing words cheat
You have the guts to rise
not in front of me
No need to apologize
I feel you're incomplete

If I could stop to adore your eyes- I
would stretch and straighten every ply
The past would taste smooth
And occurrences necessary
You're growing in your booth
Your love is secondary

Everything turns
as fast as it all began
I gradually admit
I just can live without

And every match you burnt
You threw it in a trash can
It seems that I can make it
and now, what's wrong about

me joking?
what's weird about
me healing?

It's so easy to save your integrity
swearing to be the saviour of mine
all the same.
Ordinary game.
It's now hard to recall your identity
Since I had to stop the pantomime,
and you're not the same.

Touch your heart,
talk to it.
Mine doesn't want to talk
and I don't want to hear.

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